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The marketing materials needed to promote your popcorn fundraiser! 


Marketing Resources

The Crossroads Trailblazer Camp Challenge, where all Crossroads Units are competing to raise $2,000 online, ends on October 31st! Raise $2,000 and $1,000 goes back to your Scouts’ adventures. The top 50 selling Scouts who record $300+ online by October 31st will win the Trailblazer title!

Trailblazer prizes for Scouts:

  • An official Trail's End Trailblazer title and pin
  • A $100 camp voucher
  • $25 to spend at the camp trading post

TE Popcorn Community


Ongoing Automated Communications

Scouts/Scout Families

  • Account Invite from Unit Leader - a short series of emails inviting Scouts to create their Trail's End account so they can take part in their unit's popcorn fundraiser.
  • TE Registration Welcome - a short series of emails providing instructional information & tips on fundraising through Trail's End.
  • Trail's End Rewards - a one-time email to Scouts informing them that Trail's End Rewards are available to claim in their account.

Unit Leaders

  • Available Unit Payout - email reminder to unit leaders of available payout for their unit.
  • Trail's End Rewards - email reminders to unit leaders of units that have Trail's End Rewards orders eligible to submit.
  • UCT Welcome Journey - a four-part email journey that units receive after they have registered for the 2021 Sale.


  • Invite to Support a Scout - a one-time email sent from a Scout to a consumer inviting the consumer to support the Scout through their online storefront.
  • Order & Shipping Confirmation - a short email series informing customers of when their product has been ordered & then shipped.

Unit and Scout Surveys

Description: Trail’s End will be conducting a series of targeted surveys and interviews with unit leaders and Scouts to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their intent to sell, and understand how we can meet their changing needs in regard to health and safety while fundraising.


Trail's End Rewards

Scout Prize Flyer

Trail's End Text Message Resources

Text the following codes to 62771 to receive a text message link to the corresponding resource

Example: Text WEBINAR to 62771 and you will receive a link to the Trail's End Webinar Page

Text Code: WEBINAR                          Resource: Webinar Landing Page

Text Code: SCOUTFB                       Resource:Trail's End Scout Parent's Facebook Group

Text Code: REWARDS                         Resource: Trail's End Rewards Prize Flyer

Text Code: ORDERFORM                   Resource: Take Order Form

Text Code: MYPLAN                            Resource: How to Fund Your Scouting while Social Distancing

Text Code: APPGUIDE                       Resource:App Quick Start

Text Code: KERNELGUIDE                        Resource: Unit Kernel Guide

Text Code: KICKOFF                           Resource: Unit Kickoff Guide

January 12

  • Audience: Unit Leaders
  • Description: January-June Sale Announcement

    View Email

January 13

  • Audience: Scouts
  • Description: January-June Sale Announcement

    View Email

January 20

  • Audience: Leaders
  • Segmentation: Units with sales in 2021
  • Description: Leader Scorecard

January 21

  • Audience: Scouts
  • Segmentation: Scouts with sales in 2021
  • Description: Scout Scorecard

January 27

  • Audience: Leaders
  • Segmentation: Leaders with sales in 2021
  • Description: Leader Scorecard

January 28

  • Audience: Scouts
  • Segmentation: Scouts with sales in 2021
  • Description: Scout Scorecard